Rikulau M3 Gravel bike
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Rikulau Ili ili M3 stainless steel Gravel bike

Gravel bike is not framed by the boundaries between paved and dirt surfaces.
It crisscrosses the terrain without limits, and, brings fun of riding to a different horizon.
Gravel bike is neither a road bike nor an MTB.
As the word “gravel” implies, this bike is designed to have a comfortable and controlled ride on an unpaved or even a pothole filled city road. It is fancy, it is charming, and it is the bike for you and me.
M3 stainless steel has a tensile strength up to 1100 MPa.
Built with this high strength material, the ride is solid and stable. The artistic calligraphy brings up the feeling of wilderness, and also highlighted the simplicity of a metallic frame.


  1. Tubing: M3 (2205) high strength seamless stainless steel. Precision extrusion processes done in Taiwan.
  2. Rack and fender bosses: on the frame and fork. M3 Ili ili can be used as a touring bike.
  3. Bottom bracket: traditional BSA type.