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Rikulau Vulcan (V9) Stainless Steel Road Bike

Rikulau Vulcan (V9) stainless steel is based on C465 stainless steel developed and patented by Carpenter, USA. It is the first seamless C465 tube ever made. The tensile strength can reach about 1900 MPa through heat treatment. It is the strongest material second to carbon fiber used on bicycle frame building.

V9 road frame stiffness was enhanced by increase of down tube diameter. It is the most stiff frame among all Rikulau products. V9 road frame is a race warrior. It is not a product for everyone.

Feature of Rikulau V9 stainless steel road bike
1. Tapered 1 1/4”head tube: provides stiffness and cornering stability
2. Flattened seat stay for more comfort
3. Larger down tube for increased stiffness