Frame Building

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The character of a bicycle is mostly crafted by the frame, and it decides the riding quality and the performance of this bike.  Rikulau’s frames, no matter made with 3Al/2.5 V titanium, Reynolds 853 or Reynolds 953, are all hand welded by the best bicycle frame builder in Taiwan.

With nearly 20 years of experience on high level frame manufacturing, the company has already established international reputation for the quality of its products.  Even the best tubing supplier in the industry has requested the company to build frames using their newly developed tubing.
Rikulau’s frames represent the highest level of frame building art Taiwan can offer.

In general, the procedure to build a bicycle frame is as presented in the chart.  However, there may be slight differences for different materials.
Rikulau’s frames have been very closely inspected throughout their production.  It is shown in ( Fig.1&2 )that the elements are very tightly matched.  Accurately machined elements to ensure tight match is very essential to frame building.  Once welded, gaps between the elements are obscured by the welds.  It creates potential threat to the cyclist, some times, it can be fatal.  Rikulau’s frames have a very high quality requirement from the very beginning of element preparation (see Fig. 3) to the completion of the product.  On site inspection is done in every step of manufacturing (Fig. 4).

Finally, skillful welders (see Fig. 5 and 6) put the elements together to create the piece of work that we are very proud of (see Fig. 7 and 8 for very even and delicate weld).