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When Mondrian Meets Rikulau 853 XC MTB

Rikulau’s Mondrian design has been an eye-catching design in 2010. Lines and color blocks revealed the style of the Master (to a certain extent). The design has been positively commented at Taipei, Interbike and Eurobike shows.

May Snow – Rikulau’s New Graphics Design

Rikulau has a new graphics design. We have chosen the main character of the most romantic cultural ceremony in Taiwan as our theme – Tung Flower (Aluerites fordii Hemsi).
Tung Oil Tree was introduced into Taiwan about 100 years ago from the Yangtze River region in China during the Japanese occupation...

2011 Edition of Rikulau 853 Road Bike Geometry to Be Effective

Rikulau has amended its 853 road bike geometry.  The 2011 edition is to be effective.
The major differences between the two editions are head tube length and seat tube length.  2011 edition has longer head tube and shorter seat tube.  The smaller sizes (XXS and XS) have bigger changes than other sizes.  The reason to the adjustment is to reduce the number of head tube spacers, and to provide more leg room for smaller size riders.

Rikulau Bike Listed in Road Bike Review Brand List

Rikulau is now listed in the Road Bike Review brand list.
Road Bike Review is one of the most important information exchange platforms for cyclists around the world.  Consumers share their reviews on the bikes they have ridden, compare prices, and even buy products online.

2010-7-30 Rikulau Bikes Chosen by a Singaporean Cycling Team

Rikulau has been chosen by Passione JFT Cycling Team, a youth team based in Singapore, to be their training and competition bike.
Passione JFT Cycling team was established in May 2009 by a French national, Mr. Jean-Francois Torrelle, living in Singapore. ...

Uncle Hu’s Journey Across China Begins

To many of us, 65 years of age means stay at home and not to do much too demanding. But, to Uncle Hu, this is how we call him, 65 means the beginning of his dream fulfillment. On July 12th, he is on his way to the fist step of his grand journey – Ride across China.

Owning a Rikulau is Easier Than Ever

Extra! Good news to Rikulau lovers!
Starting from July 1st, CitiBank and Rikulau jointly provide 6 or 12 installments of ZERO interest financing program on purchases of Rikulau products. For the consumers who are interested in owning a Rikulau, this is the best opportunity to bring one home.

Rikulau’s Dealer Meeting Completed Successfully

The first dealer meeting since Rikulau’s establishment almost 5 years ago has been completed successfully.

Rikulau small wheel bike wins second place

Fifteen-year-old Chen Kowk Cheung wins second with a Rikulau titanium custom bike in the small wheel bike (20”) criterium race in the 53 rd Festival of Sports Hong Kong Cycling Criterium race held on the 6th of June, 2010.

Rikulau Team Shines in the 2nd Wulin International Summit Race

Six Rikulau warriors challenged themselves in the 2nd Wulin International Summit Race held on May 30th in Nantou County, Taiwan.  All of them finished the race successfully, and were ranked high in each of their own categories.

Kai&Yen in the 2nd Stage of the Adventure

Kai&Yen have gone through the 1st stage of their Cycle Around the World Adventure. On May 3rd, the second stage of their grand-trip has started.

Rikulau Cycling Team Completed East Coast Race

Rikulau cycling team members “relayed” through the East Coast Race held on April 17th and 18th in Taiwan. Chia-hung Hung (103) crossed the finish line with the leading peloton, and completed the 130 km race in 3:06:26.13, and finished 11th in the Elite 30 year-old group, and 47th overall.

Mondrian Formally Released

Rikulau’s new graphics design on Reynolds 853 frame, Mondrian Composition, has been formally released.

A brand new team, a good start

a new cycling team surged in the cycling arena in Taiwan - the Rikulau cycling team.
The team consisted of three friends that live in TaJia Township and TaAn Township in Taichung County, TAIWAN. Police officer, CNC machine engineer, and mattress factory engineer are their formal jobs...

Kai&Yen Set off for “Cycling Around the World” Adventure

A phone call three weeks ago connected Rikulau to this great adventure. The dream is so big that we did not even dare to dream. What we can do is to help them achieve their dream easier. This is a huge dream. It will take two and half years and 60,000 km to complete.

Test Ride a Rikulau in Taiwan – Part III is coming soon!

For the cycling warriors that have missed Part I and II of Rikulau bike testing in Taiwan, don’t miss the upcoming Part III!