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Chilly Drizzle Did Not Keep the Riders Away

Test ride event on Saturday (17th) at Fung-Kwei-Juei (風櫃嘴) was affected by low temperature and rain in Taipei. The crowd was smaller than expected. However, there were still about 40 of them who came to the event.

A Special Xmas Gift to Kids in Remote Hua-Nan Elementary

On December 15th, Rikulau and Orbit Design brought a very special Xmas gift to the 5th and 6th graders in Hua-Nan Elementary School (HNES) - a bicycle assemble workshop.

Rikulau Welcomes Lohas in the Family

In the recent years, bicycle dealers and clubs have been searching for a good definition to healthy, sustainable, and green lifestyle. Dozens were given but without a universal agreement。

Test Ride Rikulau Bikes and Orbit Wheels in Taipei

A chance to test ride Rikulau bikes and Orbit Design wheels is just around the corner. On the 17th of December (Saturday), Rikulau and Orbit Design products will be presented at Frontier Show Office at Fung-Kwei-Juei (風櫃嘴) near the Palace Museum in Taipei.

Ministry of Economics Official and Media Reporters Visit Rikulau

November 3rd was a special day. Officials from the Small and Medium Enterprise Admistration (SMEA), Ministry of Economics led a group of 17 media reporters visited Rikulau.

Riders from Xiamen, China Set Their Feet in Taiwan by Bike

This is a new age in the cross-strait travel. Members of Delta Bicycle Club had their footprints in Taiwan, but, on bike.
In June this year, Taiwan has finally allowed tourists from 3 major cities in China to be free to see around while in Taiwan.

Rikulau Training Seminar in South China Region Ended Successfully

Rikulau was invited to conduct training sessions in ShenZhen and Xiamen. Two days in each city. The purpose of the training was to provide more insight on bicycle and on Rikulau to the dealers in the region.

Rikulau’s Dealer Meeting in Taiwan Successfully Completed

Rikulau and Orbit Design dealer meeting of 2011 was held in Ta Jia on the 28th. Seventeen out of 28 dealers in Taiwan attended the gathering.

The World’s First Frame Made with Reynolds 931 Stainless Steel to Be Formally Launched by Rikulau in July!

A close cooperation with Reynolds Tubing (UK) has secured Rikulau the chance to release the world’s first bicycle frame made with Reynolds 931 stainless steel...

Rikulau 2011 Catalogue is Now Available Online

Rikulau's complete product catalogue was finally released before 2011 Taipei Cycle Show. For many years, Rikulau has had only very concise brochure of the products. This year, we had put together a very comprehensive product catalogue. And best of all, it is now available online for easy access!

「2011 Taipei Show Kicks Start」

In 2011 Taipei Show, you will find Rikulau’s hiding ground (remember Rikulau is a leopard) at N517 in the 4th floor.