A Stolen Bike, A Stolen Dream

In November 21st, Cai-Ru Liao, a Taiwanese girl who cycled alone from Hong Kong all the way to France lost her bike in Toulouse, France, in front of a Decathlon shop. Cai-Ru started her journey on May 18th with a sponsored bike and a limited funding she raised in Taiwan. After 16,000 km of pedaling in 7 months, she was forced to end her trip 1,500 km from her final destination of Cabo da Roca, Portugal.

All her cycling/camping gears and her computer were on the bike. Everything was gone. What the shameful thief took were not just a bike and some gears, but a dream and precious records, something priceless to her while valueless to others. It took a few hours for the police to clarify the situation. It is not expected that the police will engage fully to find the bike back as this is a minor crime to them. They have heaps of much more serious cases to deal with.

There is still a slim hope of getting the bike back. Since it was a custom stainless steel bike build by “Rikulau”, it is the only one in the world, and can be identified by the wording “world cycling girls” on seat tube, and an engraved logo on head tube. Please pass this information out to anyone you know in France, if you see a bike like this, please contact police, and contact Cai-Ru 100001293843466@facebook.com. It needs a miracle to be able to find the bike and the computer, hope there is one.