Rikulau opens the first test ride center in Taiwan

After 11 years of operation, Rikulau has finally opened a brand showroom and test ride center in May 2017 in Taichung City.

What we are after is not a luxurious flagship store, but, a cozy showroom where anyone who stepped in can feel the brand philosophy (bicycle vs. lifestyle) of Rikulau, and our confidence on the products.

We at Rikulau always think that selecting a bike is like choosing a proper wand in the magic world. Do you really think that you are the one to choose a bike? You may think again. Every bike has its character. And, geometry of a bike is not the only parameter to judge whether it is suitable to a rider. The process of taming a bike is like a rider being selected by the bike.

Therefore, when you walk into Rikulau test rider center, be sure to cast away the stereotype of what a titanium or steel bike should be. What we would suggest or provide is a bike that may faithfully accompany a rider, and create profound life stories . We at Rikulau deeply believe that bicycle can perfectly fuse into the rider’s life. And, Rikulau hopes to build tighter links among all riders. ---- More than a bike : a LIFESTYLE ----

Rikulau Test Ride Center
Address: No. 389, Wen-Shing First Road, Nantung District, Taichung City
Phone: +886-975-622-328
Reservation for test ride: https://goo.gl/forms/MenPNK1jF87hBx6E2